Make Sure Your Vet Knows How To Care For A Sugar Glider 

Things You Will Need
A cage- About 2 cubic square feet per glider.  Taller is preferred over wider, for more gliding and jumping but is not necessary.  The larger the cage the better. The bars or wire should be smooth and very close together. 
A hanging small mouth water bottle- that can be hung from the outside of the cage if it is plastic. Glass is better.
A house or hanging pouch- for you glider to sleep in or escape to. Wash often.  They are usually made of Fleece with hooks for hanging on the top or side of the cage.
A few dishes or bowls-  You can use small paper plates for dry foods but for their moist foods plastic or metal is better.
A wheel-  Custom Cruiser and Raptor are my favorite.
A bonding pouch- so they can get accustom to you.
A few small pieces of Fleece- If you put a small piece of Fleece next to your skin and wear it for several hours and then place it in their sleeping bag they will get use to your scent.  Repeat this for as long as necessary.
Of course any toys you think your glider may need. ;-)

Your Sugar Gliders new home should be ready for him/her before they arrive.  Place your new friend in their cage with their water and dry and a treat.  Gliders like to eat at night when they are active so feed them their main meal at night.  Your glider might be stressed from the move and the newness of you and your home.  Give him/her time to adjust  (3 to7 days is the norm) before you start to handle them.  Monitor their eating and playing.  Speak to them in a soft voice so they begin to know you. You can also place 1 of the small pieces of Fleece in their pouch. There is a lot of info on bonding and getting a glider use to you.  I find putting some yogurt on my finger and letting them lick it off works best.  That way they get use to a huge hand in their cage and learn that the hand is not a threat.  Pretty soon they are eating small piece of fruit from your hand, letting you pet them and pick them up..  The bonding pouch works the same way.  You glider will get use to you movements, heartbeat and scent.  Spend as much time as possible with your glider, at least 2-4 hrs. per day. They do get lonely. Carry him/her with you whenever possible. Get another Glider if you can.  Make sure they have things to play with.  Move their toys around from time to time.  It makes their home more interesting. 

               Be patient and it will all pay off !  

Please be sure to read the Bonding section. It will help you understand your new glider better.

Your Sugar Gliders New Home