B.M.L. Recipe


***1/2 cup Honey

***2 ounces of yogurt

***2 ounce of unsweetened apple juice

***2 jars Stage 2 Chicken Gravy Baby Food

***1/2 cup Dry Baby Cereal 

You may choose any flavor Rice, Multi-Grain or Oats 

***2 teaspoons Repcal- Phosphorus Free with D

***1 teaspoon Herptivite Vitamin Supplements

***1/4 cup Wheat Germ

(Comes in a Glass Jar and can usually be found in the cereal section of your grocery store.)(Refrigerate After Opening)

***1 Hard boiled (No Shell) or 1 scrambled egg

 No butter or margarine.

***********   Blend Thoroughly  ***********

Final Stage

Pour mixture into ice cube tray and freeze.
One large cube feeds 2 adult gliders (Equals 2 Hefty Tablespoons in one cube)


Freeze in a freezable container (1 Hefty Tablespoon per Glider)

You Do Not Need To Thaw Before Serving