Foods that I have found that are definitely no-no`s and a few other things to beware of.
NO Chocolate - It causes a toxic chemical reaction in most animals
NO Cheese - May cause intestinal stoppage or "binding" leading to constipation
NO Iceberg lettuce - Non nutritional  Romaine is O.K. from time to time
NO Fats - you will want to watch the fat content ( nuts and Seeds )
NO Refined sugar - pure sugar is too much for them
NO Fried Foods - again because of the grease and fat content
NO Fruit pits or Apple seeds
No Cat Food
No Seasonings - Such as Garlic, onion, salt, pepper etc.

** Use caution when and if feeding wild insects, since they may have been exposed to pesticides or herbicides. Purchased insects are safe.

No Canned Fruit or Veggies.  They contain Sugar and preservatives ( Read the ingredients on frozen packages )
Items that should be watched closely and limited in their diets are :
salts, preservatives, additives, phosphorus, any foods that is high in fats.
** If you want to try a new food and are not sure if it is O.K. or not Check first.  Better safe than sorry !

 ** There are also a variety of Plants, both household and outdoor that are poisonous to Sugar Gliders.

** Be careful of toys as well:
No catnip toys
No toys from cotton or any other cloth that has strings or dyes that might run.

Glider No No`s