White Mosaic/100% leu het from pied lines

Parents are Tegan(E.S.G.) and Cotton(E.S.G.)

OOP 7/21 Ready to Leave 9/15



Mosaic, Ringtail and Pied Joeys Page 1


Pied Bald Female

OOP 10/19 ready to Leave 12/14

Parents are

Aurora (E.S.G.) and Bourbon (E.S.G.)

(Proven Pied /Reverse Stripe Line)

Sheba is beginning to power out as did one of her older sisters (Tia) leaving a dark area on her rump and between her shoulders. She also had a lot of white hairs in her dorsal stripe when she was younger and quite a few dark spots on her body she also has a slightly longer coat right now. As she matures and changes Sheba has the potential to become a WOW pied.



Mosaic/50% leu het/Pied/Possible Reverse Stripe. From Pied lines

Parents are

Nevaeh (E.S.G.)


Hawk (E.S.G.)


There Is A $100.00 Deposit Required For Each Joey. This Insures That Baby Is Yours And Will Be Held Until Ready To Go Home.
( The Deposit is Applied To The Cost Of The Joey )

All Of My Gliders Are Listed In The Data Base And Have (E.S.G.) After Their Names To Make It Easier To Find Them