The SGGA is Coming to Arkansas

Always held the last Saturday of July, and moving from state to state, the SGGA is about people gathering to talk and exchange ideas about sugar gliders. The MAIN focus of the SGGA is, and always will be, education and community unification. To see, experience hands-on, and learn how different people do things... to discuss different views and techniques... and to meet other sugar glider enthusiasts face to face. This experience can be invaluable to you, the sugar glider owner.
     We watch MAGIC happen and sometimes we create our own. New friendships are forged and old ones renewed... this will always be a huge part of the SGGA.  Anything can happen at an SGGA... there may be tears, there will surely be lots of laughs, smiles and heart warming stories, and there may be an adventure or two to be had along the way as well.
    The people are different at the SGGA.  They are about helping, teaching, learning, doing things differently and being creative and original.  We are about sharing ideas and learning from our mistakes, growing and moving forward.  It is about making friends and being free to discuss the ownership of gliders as it really is... diverse... where it is hard to find two people who do everything the same.  You get to meet people face to face without the protection of the computer screen where names take on human faces, real emotions and multiple personality types.  I so can't wait until it gets here.  I so need my sugar glider reality bite. 
     The SGGA is what you want it to be.  It is what you make of it.  You will get out of it exactly what you want and then some.  Best of all, there should be very few questions regarding sugar gliders and their care left unanswered in your head when you leave.

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