Pet Gliders

Standards    $150.00

Whiteface Blonde   $200.00

Black Beauty    $250.00

Mosaic, Leu, Creamino, Albino. Platinum   $300.00

***** There is always a $50.00 discount for a same sex pet only pair *****

No extra discount applies to gliders listed as SALE

Breeding Gliders

Standard    $200.00

Whiteface Blonde $250.00

Black Beauty $300.00 up (depending on coloring)

Leu, Mosaic, Platinum. Albino, Creamino $500.00

Pied Bald, Platinum Mosaic etc. are priced according to coloring and markings

Sugar Glider Pricing

Mature Gliders

I also sell mature gliders from time to time. These are gliders that are usually 1yr old and up. They are sometimes paired with a same sex companion and are looking for a wonderful forever home. The pricing on them varies depending on color and if they have a companion.

***** Pricing is always subject to change *****

The difference between Pet Only Gliders and Breeding Gliders

Pet Only...  Gliders sold without their lineage and should remain pets and never bred

Breeding Gliders... Gliders sold with full lineage and can go on to be paired properly with a mate to produce healthy, beautiful joeys